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    Firms with high levels of employee wellbeing that demonstrate good practice in employee health and wellbeing have been shown to outperform rivals and are more likely to be creative and innovative. There are also significant costs associated with negative impacts of lower employee wellbeing, such as higher turnover, absenteeism and ill health.

    Resources: Why Invest in Employee Wellbeing?

5 elements of good employment diagram
5 elements of good employment

A person’s sense of wellbeing is made up of feelings of life satisfaction, more frequent experience of positive emotions relative to negative emotions and a sense of meaning and purpose. At work, personal wellbeing also includes a sense of satisfaction and engagement with work.

Employment is generally good for wellbeing, but not all employment produces benefits for wellbeing and some jobs can even be harmful.

The purpose of this set of infographics about good employment is to explain what employers can do so that work confers benefits for wellbeing AND productivity, and to make their workplaces attractive places to work.